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A good collection of food and drink will keep everyone motivated and energized, ready for the long day ahead, without it you could risk that vital business deal. This article shares few suggestions from the experts of well trained singapore corporate catering services on how to efficiently cater the corporate event you are arranging. According to the experts, business owners to provide breakfast if your corporate event has an early start always provide a welcome breakfast, as it is the most essential meal of the day. Breakfast will keep your clients alert and so won’t slug mid-morning; it will keep them invigorated and ready to do business. On arrival provide tea and coffee and a selection of breakfast items, whether it’s just pastries or eggs and bacon. It also makes them feel welcome and appreciated after travelling long distance. People advise a mid-morning break, a break for lunch and a mid-afternoon break. Coffee and tea, as well as a selection of soft drinks should be available throughout the day, as well as a choice of fresh fruit, all with natural goodness to stimulate the body and mind.

Have a clear budget

There is a host of food you can offer at a corporate event, but it does rely on how much you want to spend. A lunch menu can be a selection of cold sandwiches with various fillings such as roast beef and mustard to egg mayonnaise, accompanied by salads and smaller savoury snacks. Then there’s a hot lunch option with a selection of hot food served in a buffet format, or for a little extra money it can be served as a sit down meal. Different people have individual dietary requirements either through their culture, religion or health. A vegetarian option is an ideal for corporate catering Singapore events, like a selection of vegetables that can also be used as sides for the meat eaters. It is always advisable to check before if anyone has any serious allergies to then send on to the caterers. Hire well trained singapore pest control before and after the event so that the place is kept safe even after the gala event. As per experts hiring well trained singapore mini buffet catering will be ideal for a small gathering.  Make the food and drink suitable for the event Are you hoping to attract a possible client? Then serve them the finest fish and freshest vegetables. If it’s usual business contacts then provide a cold buffet- making it more sociable and informal. If you are celebrating a business deal, have champagne at hand. Whatever the occasion or client always make sure your food is delicious and of the highest quality.

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